Robert Wood Appraisals and Authentications


      If you would like your Robert Wood painting formally appraised, authenticated and cataloged in our digital and analog data base of authentic works by Robert W. Wood, we offer this service to colectors. It includes a letter of appraisal, a complete description and an enlargenment of your photograph stamped and signed on the back by Jeffrey Morseburg, who has worked with Wood's paintings for more than thirty-five years and catalogued and appraised hundreds of Wood's works, ranging from 1912 to 1979.

      Paintings can usually be appraised and authenticated from high quality digital images (ideally of at least 2 megabytes) of the face of the painting, the signature and the back of the canvas or board – or of course examined in person. A complete written appraisal or authentication is $150. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

Our printed photo of the painting with a copy of the thorough documentation we provide
Jeffrey Morseurg can personally stamp and authenticate your painting
Painting personally authenticated by Jeffrey Morseburg. Robert Wood's original title and rubber stamp impressions to the left; Jeffrey Morseburg's appraisal and catalog stamp to the right.