If you are not sure what you have, before contacting us please click here to find information about distinguishing a reproduction from an original painting.
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If you have a painting that you believe is by Robert Wood that you would like to have authenticated or appraised, or sell, feel free to e-mail Jeffrey Morseburg, the site's editor, with an image and all pertinent infomation. This should include the size (measure the inside opening of the frame from the back and provide the size with height preceding width), condition, the painting's provenance (the ownership history as you know it), the title (usually located on the reverse side of the canvas or panel), and any other information that may shed light on the painting's origins and history.

If you have any information on Robert Wood's life or work that you would like to share, please contact us. Assembling information on an artist, like any form of history, is like creating a mosaic - a fairly complete picture is pieced together from hundreds of colorful bits of information. While we have gathered together a great deal of information on Wood's life and career, additional pieces can help us to confirm assumptions that we have made from the sketchy data that we have from some periods of his life. For example, the dates on authentic Robert Woods are very important to us. Like many artists, Wood dated relatively few of his paintings. Both dealers and the print publishers discouraged this practice as it could make a painting seem "stale" if it didn't sell immediately. A date on a painting helps us to track Wood's extensive travels and to confirm exactly when he was painting particular subjects. The reverse side of a painting can also be full of clues. It may have a dealer's or gallery's stamp, the invoice date indicating when the frame was made, or, in many cases, an inscription from the artist. So, if you have information that you would like to share with us, please contact us at the above e-mail address or phone number. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.