Jeffrey Morseburg grew up with the works of Robert W. Wood and gained his expertise through his family's personal relationship with the artist, historic research, and by dealing with the paintings on a daily basis for several decades. The art dealer Howard Morseburg, Jeffrey's father, first met Robert Wood about 1958 or 1959 in Laguna Beach. For a number of years he dealt with Wood on an occasional basis.

By the early 1970s, as Wood's early works began to appear on the resale market, Howard Morseburg and Morseburg Galleries began to specialize in Wood's early works. To authenticate early works and to increase his knowledge of the artist's work, Howard Morseburg, accompanied by his gallery director Godfrey Gaston, would make the long drive to Wood's home in Bishop, in northern California. They were always amazed at Wood's ability to recall where and under what circumstances he had executed a work. Well into his eighties he remained an enthusiastic raconteur and an engaging companion.

In 1979, Morseburg Galleries organized a Robert Wood retrospective that was scheduled to celebrate Wood's 90th birthday. Unfortunately, the artist passed away just weeks before the opening of the exhibition, and the show became a celebration of Wood's career. The Robert Wood Retrospective featured seventy-two paintings spanning more than forty years of the artist's career. Virtually every major theme in Wood's career was represented in the exhibition, and it made many more collectors aware of his unique contributions to American art.

After Jeffrey Morseburg took over the leadership of Morseburg Galleries in 1986, he curated a second Robert Wood retrospective with more than thirty works. Over the past twenty years he has sold, appraised or authenticated hundreds of paintings by Wood, making him a resource that collectors, dealers and auctioneers have come to rely on.

Jeffrey Morseburg