Autumn in the Catskills                      Oil on Board                         24" x 36"

This early (c. 1930) Robert Wood has never been on the market before. It depicts one of the old pioneer ranches that Wood loved to paint. It is very detailed, well composed and has beautiful, luminous color. Excellent condition.

   Spring's Bounty                                Oil on Panel                                   20" x 30"
"Dream Lake" is one of Robert Wood's finest mountain scenes. It was painted high in Rocky Mountain National Park, where Mt. Hallett looms over the aptly titled "Dream Lake." The colors are deep and rich and the monumental peak is beautifully painted.
   Dream Lake                                    Oil on Canvas                                    25" x 30"
“Golden Cove" is a small gem of a Robert Wood marine. Painted in the early 1960s, it is a "plein air" work done in Laguna Beach, California. Well-composed with beautiful sunset color, it is painted on a small panel.
   Golden Cove                                       Oil on Canvas                                  12" x 14"