Here are the titles of some of Robert Wood's most popular reproductions, which were often sold framed with brass title plates. Although Wood did use the same title more than once, if you have a work with one of these titles, in all likelihood you have a reproduction that has no collector value. However, Robert Wood's reproductions have happily graced miilions of homes since the 1920s, so you still have a piece you should be able to enjoy for years to come.


"Along the Sawkill"
"Approach of Winter"
"Autumn Bronze"
"Autumn Glade"
"Autumn Glory"
"Autumn Gold"
"Autumn in Vermont"
"Autumn Leaves"
"Autumn Morn"
"Autumn Pond"
"Autumn Stream"
"Autumn Sunset"
"Autumn Wood"
"Breakers at Twilight"
"Breath of Spring"
"The Brook"
"By the Sawkill"
"Carmel Coast"
"Catskill Autumn"
"Catskill Country"
"Coast of Monterey"
"Cypress Bay"
"Dawn 1920s" "December"

  "Desert Grandeur"
"Desert in Spring"
"Early Fall"
"Early Snow"
"Early Spring"
"Edge of the Forest"
"English Countryside"
"Evening in the Tetons"
"Fields of Blue"
"Gems of Nature"
"Golden Shores"
"Golden Sunset"
"Golden Surf"
"Grand Teton"
"High Glory"
"In the Tetons"
"Jenny Lake, The Tetons"
"Laguna Shores"
"Lone Beech"
"Majestic Peaks"
"Mill Stream"
"Mountain Stream"
"Mountain Vista"
  "Mt. Rainier"
"Mt. Shasta"
"Mystic Pond"
"Ocean Spray"
"October Gold"
"October Morn"
"The Old Mill"
"Old Farmstead"
"Owens Valley"
"Pacific Bay"
"Pacific Coast"
"Pacific Sunset"
"Palette of Autumn"
"Path of Gold"
"Pine and Birch"
"Pine Grove Lake"
"Point Lobos"
"Quiet Pond"
"Rustic Homestead"
"Sawkill River"
"Sea and Sand"
"Snake River"
"Spring Eternal"
"Spring in the Smokies"


"Spring Morn"
"Summer Glory""
"Sunset, Dana Point""
"Sunset Shore"
"Sunset Shoreline"
"Texas Bluebonnets"
"Texas Spring"
"Where Mountain and Sky Meet"
"Where the West Begins"
"White Mountains and Aspens"
"Winter in the Cascades"
"Winter in the Castkills"
"Winter's Arrival"
"Winter Wonderland"
"Woodland Brook"

This list is by no means comprehensive - there are many more prints in existence. We will be adding to this list as we become aware of more titles.