Robert W. Wood probably painted more works of the landscape of the United States than any artist in the annals of American art. The English-born artist painted the mountains, deserts, forests and seashore of America for almost sixty years. Wood was a facile painter, and once he reached artistic maturity in the late 1920s, his output was prodigious, often a painting or more a day.

Because of the size of Wood's artistic production, or oeuvre, his works are spread across all fifty states and in many foreign countries. Collectors who obtain a work by Robert Wood from a gallery, at auction, over the internet or through inheritance, often have questions about their painting. When and where was it painted? Is it authentic? What is it worth? How does it compare in quality to other works by Robert W. Wood?

Through this site we will endeavor to show viewers the different aspects of Wood's career, subject by subject, illustrated with representative and authentic examples of his work - paintings which are now in private collections throughout the United States. We hope to spread a greater awareness of Wood's life and artistic career and to correct some of the incorrect information and misconceptions that have long confused collectors and art dealers.

We have illustrated this site with hundreds of images from our archive on Robert Wood, which dates back more than forty years. In most cases we have titled the image with Wood's original title, but occasionally, photograph and title have been long separated, and we've given the image a descriptive title.

"Cactus and Bluebonnets" 24" x 30" O/C (1930)